Page speed tools.

Use the below tools to improve a website's page speed.

CSS Optimization Test

Test how well the CSS delivery of a web page is optimized and subsequently learn how to improve it.

CSS Compressor

Automatically compress CSS scripts and files to a much smaller file size. Minimizing the file size improves page speed.

JavaScript Optimization Test

Check how you can improve a website's JavaScript delivery by running this test.

Javascript Compressor

Compress JavaScript by improving and removing bad and unnecessary code. Supports file uploads as well.

Gzip / Brotli Compression Test

Check if your website has gzip or Brotli compression enabled and how well it compresses your web files.

Image Optimization Test

Test a website to find unoptimized images and learn what you can do to optimize the images for better page speed.

PNG Compressor

Minify the file size of PNG images to speed up page loading times.

JPEG Compressor

Compress JPEG images to the smallest size to improve page speed.

CSS Sprites Generator

Combine multiple images to one image file to reduce the number of HTTP requests.

Caching Test

Check which files are cached on a website and by which method.

Broken Requests Test

Check a web page for broken links, images, scripts, etc.. so you can replace/remove them from.

HTTP Requests Checker

Check how many (and which type of) HTTP requests a web page makes. Reduce requests to improve page load times.

B Base64 Encoder

Encode web files to a Base64 string to reduce the amount of HTTP requests that are being made by a web page.

Line Breaks Remover

Remove line breaks and unnecessary whitespace to minify web files (ie. HTML) and reduce the file size.

Keep-Alive Checker

Test whether a website's server has keep-alive enabled.