CSS Optimization Test


This test shows you what steps you can take to optimize the CSS delivery of your web page(s). It checks your web page to find unoptimized methods and CSS scripts and gives you advice on how to optimize this. Learn more about optimizing the CSS delivery here.

  • The number of CSS files (and how many).
  • Whether the CSS is inlined or not.
  • Whether CSS files are optimally minified.
  • The usage of STYLE tags inside the HTML body.
  • Usage of CSS @import directives to call files.
  • Usage of CSS Expression properties.
  • Usage of AlphaImageLoader filters.

By perfecting the CSS delivery you make sure your CSS scripts do not block the rendering of your web pages, especially the above-the-fold content. For instance, using external CSS files blocks your web page from rendering immediately. By replacing your CSS files with inlined CSS scripts you eliminate this problem. This tool can tell you which parts of your website need CSS delivery optimization.


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