JPEG Compressor & Resizer

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How does this compressor work?

By using this online JPEG Compressor and Resizer you can compress JPEG (JPG) files to a considerably smaller file size (ie. from 200kb to 100kb, or even 50kb) by adjusting the quality of the image and/or resizing the image. The lower the quality and the smaller the dimensions of the image, the smaller the file size.

What do the different options mean?

Image Quality: Here you can adjust the compression rate/quality of your JPEG file from 1 to 99. The lower the number the smaller the size of your image will be (and the lower the quality will be) and vice versa.
Scale Width: Scale the width of your image. The smaller the width the smaller the file size will be. When using this option the height of the image will automatically scale to the proportional size as well.
Scale Height: Scale the height of your JPEG picture to reduce the image height and the JPEG file size. The width of the image will automatically scale in proportion.

How can this speed up my website?

By reducing the file size of JPEG images that are being used on your website you can reduce the download time for the web image files your visitors have to load when loading one of your pages that display these images. Keep in mind that the best method to load web images for performance is to lazy load them. After you've made the changes to your website you should always check the speed of your website to see what kind of effect they have.

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