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Is your website running slow? We are a professional page speed optimization company and are specialized in getting the maximum performance out of any website, including yours. WordPress, Shopify, but also lesser known platforms. With many years of service we know pretty much all there is to know when it comes to website performance optimizations. We can also help with specific speed optimization and website development tasks.

What We Offer You

Expert Analysis Of Your Website

Before we start optimizing your website we will make a thorough analysis of the website to make sure that no opportunity to improve the performance of it will go unnoticed. After everything is analyzed all the found performance issues will be fixed.

Optimized Within 1 Or 2 Days

Because of years of experience we can usually fully optimize the speed of a website within one or two days.

Maximum Possible Speed For Your Website Guarantee

We will optimize your website to its maximum possible speed and Google PageSpeed scores. Over the years we have learned exactly what to look for and can quickly find and optimize pretty much any page speed related issue, from the smaller to the larger ones. This is why we are able to offer this guarantee. We can squeeze the maximum speed out of any website. We have done the same for our own website:

Highest Google PageSpeed Score Possible With Your Website

Page speed doesn't just improve the user experience of your website and increases your sales, it also improves the standing of your website with Google. After our work is done, your website will have the highest Google PageSpeed Insights score possible for your website.

Core Web Vitals

We will optimize your website's Core Web Vitals to the maximum values possible. The Core Web Vitals (the LCP, CLS and FID times) are a Google ranking factor.

Mobile, Desktop & Tablet Optimization

We optimize the performance of a website for all devices, including mobile, desktop and tablets.

No Worries - No Downtime - Issue And Error Free

Your visitors won't notice any difference when we work on your website, there will be no downtime or any issues at any point. After the project has been completed the website will look and function exactly the same as before we optimized it. We will work on your website without your help, but you are of course always free to give us tips or instructions on what to look for when optimizing the website.

Years of Experience - Results, Professionalism And Confidentiality

Over the years we have optimized thousands of websites, it's literally all we do all day! With years of experience and delivering the requested results in the agreed timeframe, hard work, delivering on promises and confidentiality are important values to us.

WordPress, Shopify, Static HTML And More

We can optimize WordPress (including WooCommerce), Shopify, Magento, OpenCart, Drupal, Joomla and static HTML websites. The latest optimal ways to optimize each different type of platform will be performed to ensure the maximum performance outcome.

Reasonable, Affordable Prices

Our prices are more affordable than you may think, especially compared to the quality of work that we offer and the speed results we can reach. You could say our prices are remarkably cheap. You'll probably be suprised. Send us a quick email, we will analyze your website free of charge and send you a fitting price quote right away!

Our 100% Guarantees

Maximum possible speed for your website upon project completion.
Highest possible Google PageSpeed & Web Vital scores for your website.
100% safe. Your website will never brake or suffer from any downtime and will always be delivered issue and error free.
Your website's design and functionalities will remain exactly the same.
Expert skills, high-level coding and custom optimizations that are tailored for your website. We do not just install a few plugins, which is why we can guarantee the maximum possible speed for any website.
Professional support during and after the optimization process.
All pages of the website will be optimized.
We optimize for all devices, including tablet and mobile.
Our experience is unmatched, it's all we do all day! As a website speed optimization company with years of non-stop service we have optimized the performance of thousands of websites.

$ High quality, low priced. Due to years of experience, optimizing most websites comes easy to us. We can therefore offer low prices for a high quality service. If you send us the address of your website we will analyze the website free of charge and send you a price quote for our services ASAP.

What Our Clients Think Of Us

"As a performance marketing agency, we have had the pleasure of working with Gift of Speed on several projects. Their speed optimization and website development services have been exceptional and we are 100% satisfied with the work done. The Gift of Speed team is knowledgeable, efficient and easy to work with. We always recommend our partners to optimize their website to the maximum first, to build a good foundation and get the most out of their marketing campaigns. Gift of Speed has helped us achieve this goal with their excellent services. We recommend Gift of Speed to anyone who needs website optimization and development services.“

testimonial author image

Robin Junglas

Co-Founder at jAds Online Marketing

"I have a fairly large WordPress site of over 1700 pages and 24 plugins. The Gift of Speed team are simply the best at what they do and they take the time to optimize your site the right way. Personally, I thought I knew what I was doing by running plugins to get the best performance out of my site. I couldn’t have been more wrong. They reoptimized my site and took my Google Page speed from a 20 to almost 90. If you are looking to optimize your site these guys know what they are doing and are willing to commit the time to get the job done right."

testimonial author image

Andrew Holm

Program Manager at Hague Partners

"We've worked with GiftofSpeed for 5+ years and will continue to do so because their work is the most dependable and reliable in the e-commerce industry. They provide perfect communication, explain speed issues in detail, and complete every speed project on time. Speed is a very complex development task because every theme is different and customized. We feel assured knowing they double-check all their work and very rarely find an issue. If an issue is found, GiftofSpeed fixes it immediately. We have confidence and trust in GiftofSpeed with any task."

testimonial author image

Jenny Johnson

Co-Founder at Witty Creative & Shopify E-Commerce Expert

"They do what they promise. We had been wanting one of our eCommerce websites to have faster loading times for a while, but we weren't sure how to go about it. After some searching, we found giftofspeed and decided to hire them. Our website is more complex than most, but they provided us with an excellent quote for the job. It ended up being a lot more work than originally anticipated, yet they still managed to do everything they said WITHOUT asking for extra money. We are really pleased with their service and how it has improved our website."

testimonial author image

Brian Andrews

President at EFX Sports

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