Javascript Compressor

You can compress one JS file or combine multiple files to one bigger Javascript.

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    This online Javascript compressor can take your Javascripts and automatically detect and remove unnecessary code you do not really need to display your web pages in the exact same manner. It also minifies unnecessary large JS scripts into smaller scripts.

    By removing or minifying code in your scripts it reduces the script size. Having smaller sized JS scripts and files means your visitors can load your web pages faster because they need to download less data when loading your web pages.

    Yes, click on the UPLOAD & COMPRESS FILE(S) tab and choose the JS file you want to compress. Click on the red Select More Files link to upload more than one file. When you choose to upload and compress multiple JS files they will be combined into one bigger script.

    That is up to you to decide. When you click the ADD LINE BREAK AFTER EVERY { } STYLE option you can make it readable by forcing the compressor to add a line break after every CSS rule. Even though the size difference is minimal keep in mind that when you want the smallest of the smallest of Javascripts you should not use this option.


    Let us take care of your website's performance as we've taken care of our own:


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