HTTP Requests Checker

What information does this tool give me?

This tool can detect the amount of HTTP requests your web page makes to fully load your web page. It does so by checking the amount of image files, JavaScript files, CSS files, iframes, font files and favicon files your web page uses.

What can I do with this information?

Knowing how many HTTP requests your web pages makes can help you decide whether your web pages should make fewer requests to improve page speed (test your site's speed here). In general, the more HTTP requests your web page makes the worse it is for page speed. When your web pages make too many requests you should reduce it to a lower amount.

How many HTTP requests is too much?

It depends on the domains the requests come from. When a page makes more than 20 HTTP requests from the same domain you should start to look into lowering the amount. It also depends on the type of page you have. More information here.

How do I lower the amount of HTTP requests?

This is explained in this article here.

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